Donald: United States Air Force Veteran, rendered 39 years of service.

Donald: United States Air Force Veteran, rendered 39 years of service.

Now that we have begun to establish a market for our FREE services, AMA-VAF expects to increase their client base significantly in 2016 and in the 2017 tax filing season, followed by further increases in each of the next three years. Our organization expects to serve over 750 troops on an annual basis.

AMA-VAF will continue to present itself with a deep foundation built upon a solid business plan, licensed and experienced professionals, accomplished and committed participants and a desire to cultivate and expand an unparalleled organization. We will continue seeking recognition by our military personnel as a genuine and honest charitable affair they will utilize for years to come.

As AMA-VAF grows and looks to expand the number of troops it benefits, their services will remain consistent, providing dependable structuring, a familiar atmosphere and impeccable results our active duty military and veterans will become accustomed to receiving year after year.

With a large market to tap, our services will be in demand time and time again, focusing on a specific group well deserving of opportunities to save money for themselves and their families. We will continue to be known as an organization truly providing for those we honor. Our strategy is to give back, FREE OF CHARGE, our professional services for the unmatched services our troops have provided us.