AMA-VAF now offers their professional tax services to nonmilitary individuals and small business owners. The services available to nonmilitary will be specifically for tax debt relief and tax debt resolution, referred to as Representation. These services will be offered for a fee to any nonmilitary taxpayer.

Nonmilitary individuals who are struggling with tax debt issues and noncompliance will be able to contact AMA-VAF for a free 30 minute consultation so we can determine where you stand with your current tax situation. Once you decide to use our Representation services, we will get to work to take control of your account status inside the IRS. AMA-VAF’s Enrolled Agents (EAs) and CPAs, who are licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS, will make sure you receive the best resolution allowed by law.

Our Representation services will be available for examination and audit matters, examination appeals, collections and collection appeals, levy action, penalty abatement, and trust fund recovery penalty. AMA-VAF’s expert tax advisors and consultants will negotiate hard on your behalf and we will develop a strategy you can manage to help you meet your needs and goals. And we will explain all your options throughout the negotiation process.

Our Representation services for nonmilitary are now available, so please give us a call if you are currently battling with the IRS or state tax authorities. We will begin working on your case immediately, explaining each step along the way so you understand how our services will begin providing the relief you need.

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